Utter Lib Dem Hypocrisy Over Crime Stats

The Lib Dem’s bend over backwards to create an air of being somehow above the perceived rough-and-tumble games that the two serious contenders engage in.  A press release I spotted today underlines that they can be as hypocritical as the best of them when there is a whiff of political opportunism.

As background, Evan Davis tried to give Chris Grayling a bit of a kicking this morning on the Today program.  The target was the Shadow Home Secretary’s use of the Home Office’s crime figures. You can listen to the exchange here but in a nutshell Grayling was accused of gaining some political capital from comparisons of year-on-year violent crime, missing the notes in the dataset which said such comparisons cannot be valid.  If you’re geeky and interested the dataset in question can be seen here.  The rights and wrongs of this issue are well covered elsewhere – my perception was that Grayling got a bloody nose before recovering at the last (despite Davis being in full attack dog mode).

Vultures smell blood and circle.  And sure enough this afternoon a Lib Dem press release, with all the faux outrage that could be mustered tried to sustain the attack:

Liberal Democrats

Contact: Louise Phillips
Embargo: Immediate, Wednesday 3 February 201

Tories should think of policies, not fiddle figures – Huhne

Commenting on reports today that the Tories have distributed misleading figures on violent crime, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Huhne said:

“It seems that the Tories will go to ever increasing lengths to make David Cameron’s ridiculous claims about broken society seem credible.

“Before they start to point the finger on violent crime, the Tories should consider their own record – violent crime rose every year between 1979 and 1997 and nearly doubled overall.

“Instead of fiddling figures, Chris Grayling should think of some policies.

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party committed to putting more police on the streets, and have the best record of cutting crime in Lib Dem controlled council areas.”

The trouble for the Lib Dems is that nowadays anyone with Google (like me) can very quickly check if those proclaiming to be holier-than-thou on an issue pass the sainthood test.  And lo-and-behold it seems that Mr Huhne himself has had no problem in the past applying the same interpretation of the crime figures as Mr Grayling .  Take a look at the first two lines by Huhne in this speech here.   I quote: “Clearly, there is serious concern among the public about crime. There is excessive violent crime, which has doubled since the Government came to power. “   Now he could only have come up with that ‘doubled’ bit by using the exact same analysis he his now savaging Grayling for.

His leader Clegg has also been quite happy to read the figures with disregard to the comparatives notes – and in Parliament no less.  A quick search of Hansard here shows Cleggy declare: “In contrast to non-violent crime, violent crime has doubled since 1998.” Further down he also points out gun crime has doubled.  Again, both these claims use the same reading of the stats that they attack Grayling for.

So you can take this Press Release as a cynical, hypocritical piece of opportunism that the yellow folk like to pretend they are above.  They are not.  Mr Huhne is in a great big glass-house whilst chucking those stones….



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6 responses to “Utter Lib Dem Hypocrisy Over Crime Stats

  1. Victor Southern

    Brilliant and succint. There is no fence too low or too high for the LibDems to straddle; no ditch too low for them to lie in and from.

  2. Trapped in LibDem Hell

    There are times I love the internet and blogosphere. Thanks for this!

  3. Mike Fletcher

    Fantastic. Ring the papers and get them shown up.

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  6. Mandelson Pea

    The Liberal Democrat’s tactics of appearing to be all things to all men is well known, truth being the first casualty of this type of strategy, by definition. Hypocrisy is a vital ingredient and the ability to tell lies either by what you say or omit to say is vital.

    A recent example of this took place during the ground breaking, Leader’s television debate on Thursday.
    Nick Clegg’s strategy was to simply try and say, I’m not like them! Them being the “Old Parties” and by implication, the two main Party Leaders, Gordon Brown and David Cameron. Mr Clegg attempted to pass himself off as a typical, proud Yorkshireman, speaking passionately of ‘my city of Sheffield’

    As someone who comes from God’s own County, I can tell you Mr Clegg is not a Yorkshireman!

    Despite his apparent down to earth name, Nick Clegg is the son of a Dutch mother and a half-Russian merchant banker father. He spent his childhood living in a Buckinghamshire Mansion, which he himself, has described in more candid moments as “affluent“. His father Nicholas who also owns a twenty room chalet in the Alps and a Chateau near Bordeaux, is the Chairman of The United Trust Bank which specialises in financing property developers, the sort of risky lending Vince Cable wants to ban. ‘Yorkshire Nick’ enjoyed the privilege of a Public School education at the £30,000 per year Westminster School. As a boarder there, his fag was none other than TV’s Louis Theroux.

    He went on to study Social Anthropology at Robinson College, Cambridge, (where it is rumoured he joined the Cambridge University Conservative Association, but he claims it was a matter of mistaken identity). A staunch Europhile, Mr Clegg went on to study at the College d’Europe in Bruges from where he progressed to find employment with Leon Brittan who was the European Commissioner for Trade at the time.

    I say, good luck to Mr Clegg for the good fortune that life has gifted him thus far, but please do not try to pretend that you are an ordinary down to earth Sheffield lad. It’s a betrayal of your own, and an insult to the intelligence of the electorate.

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