And We’re Under Starters Orders….

So it’s a ‘go’.  In the least surprising announcement of 2010 Brown has finally revealed that the election will be May 6th.  It was particularly gratifying for me to hear David Cameron use my strap-line from this blog in his launch speech in London this morning.  I’ll not complain about plagiarism  – the line is an obvious mash-up of the old JFK thing, and was inspired in the first place by Cameron’s State v Society theme.   Nevertheless, I was chuffed to hear it.

I’m going to be far more involved at the coal-face in this election.  It will be no surprise to my regular readers that I’m fully backing the Conservatives.   For full disclosure I should declare in advance I have direct interest in two local campaigns.  My time over the next few weeks will be divided between actively supporting Deidre Alden‘s push to finally reclaim Birmingham Edgbaston whilst I will also be working as the official Parliamentary Constituency Agent for Birmingham Ladywood where we have an excellent first time candidate in Nusrat Ghani.  I’m looking forward to the challenge.  They are very different seats – a wafer thin marginal and key swing seat in Edgbaston versus what most would see as  a ‘lost-cause’ in Ladywood.  A fully resourced campaign with the full party machine behind it versus a thinly resourced campaign with the best endeavours and goodwill of the local association to push it along.  Both should be interesting and I look forward to blogging about of my experiences and observations in the coming weeks.

Let the games begin…



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6 responses to “And We’re Under Starters Orders….

  1. So battle has finally commenced.

    Despite what the polls may say, David Cameron and the Tories have an uphill battle to gain power. They must achieve an almost-unprecedented swing in their favour. We will wait and see how things pan out over the next four weeks. The live debates between the three main party leaders will be fascinating. I think Cameron will be shown to be a man of all talk and no substance and as John Prescott says, someone who believes one thing and says another.

    • Tendryakov

      Blimey jaydee28 – reduced to quoting John “I couldn’t elp it, it’s me bulimia wot done it” Prescott. Surely you could quote either Mandelson or Alistair Campbell? I know they’re unpleasant pieces of work, but at least they’re loathsome with a hint of style. Hang your head in shame.

      So, Guythemac, we will be able to work out who you are? I live in B30, and I must at some time have passed you in the street. It’s just intriguing, isn’t it, wanting to know what people look like?

      Incidentally: there’s a g missing in Edgbaston.

      • Trendryakov:

        Thanks for the typo spot. Now corrected.

        I also live in B30. It is a small world. There is no great secret about who I am – the name really is a wafer thin disguise of my real one. It is just that if people google my full name, I want my business to come up and not my politics….

        I practically give away who I am in my about me section:

        A quick search of local national challenge school Chair of Governors and you will have me!

  2. Tendryakov

    I’ll have to do my homework then. You know how we tend to create our own pictures of what people are like? Well, for some reason I am convinced that you look like Hugh Dennis! Funny things, minds.

  3. Tendryakov

    Blimey! Nothing like him!

  4. Younger and better looking than Hugh Bloody Dennis…

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