Who’s Running the Country?

Some time soon I’ll do a whole blog post on the relationship between the Unite Union and Labour – in the meantime this poster nicely makes the point:  (hat tip to Mr D.U.)



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9 responses to “Who’s Running the Country?

  1. Honest Nick

    Who’s running the Country?
    One thing’s for sure, it aint Gordon Brown! Most people realise that Peter Mangletruth is running Labour’s election campaign, Labours policy formulation, every word Brown says and the entire Labour Party, period. Gordon Brown is only Party Leader and Prime Minister because of Mandelson’s partonage, for however long that lasts.
    On the 27th March Lord Mandelson told Labour Party activists in Harriet Harman‘s constituency that the Prime Minister and Chancellor were both incapable of taking the bold and decisive action needed to deal with the present economic crisis when it happened. He said that is was only as a result of his return that Mr Brown took ‘bold and decisive action’ to deal with the economic crisis.
    He claimed it was he who single-handedly stopped the economy, and the Prime Minister from “going over the cliff“, “just in the nick of time“.
    It doesn’t inspire much confidence in Gordon Brown’s claim to be the only man capable of leading the Country out of the economic crisis, (that he got us into), least of all to serve another five years as Prime Minister.
    Lord Mangletruth doesn’t think Brown is up to the job, why should the Country?

  2. DAVE P

    Corrupt bunch of Liars all of them. If they somehow win this one it’ll be back to the 70s with us run by the unions.

  3. Old Hack

    Honest Nick – where can I find a link to a credible source with that Mandelson quote?

  4. Honest Nick

    Hi Old Hack

    Try this link


    I understand the guy with the video camera in the picture has made his footage available to a leading political party, so keep watching the Party Political Broadcasts for the proof of this particular pudding.

  5. Fair4All

    Daily mail? Ha! Hardly gospel then.

  6. Mandelson Pea


    The guy with the video camera is the key independent witness. As for the usual anti-Mail mantra, would it have been any more cerdible if the Gaurdian had covered it? I wonder why they didn’t?

  7. Honest Nick

    I couldn’t have put it better myself Mandelson Pea!

  8. Honest Nick

    The PPB was pulled (luckily for Labour) due to the alternative PPB to counter the LibDem effect.

  9. Honest Nick

    Just seen the third Prime Ministerial Debate on TV. Gordon Brown looked like a ‘dead man talking’. The fact that our electoral system is so twisted in Labour’s favour, offering even the possibility that Brown could still be Prime Minister in a weeks time, proped up by Clegg and the LibDems is an outrage to democracy.

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