Conservative Party Political Broadcast: 19th April 2010

It’s been a tough week with since the TV debate with the Lib Dems making full capital out of Clegg’s performance. In repsonse David Cameron has pulled the original scheduled broadcast and put this one out instead. The hackles about ‘image over substance’ are getting irritating so it is useful to remind people that he does have his own clear vision and show there is real daylight between Conservative and Labour Policy…..



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8 responses to “Conservative Party Political Broadcast: 19th April 2010

  1. Mrs. A Chinn

    I thought that David did well, the only thing that is worring me and thousands of others is that as yet we have not heard what you will do about the E.U We do not want the euro and we want to come out of europe they cannot balance their books and never have so Brussels cannot be trusted with our money please tell us that you can get us out. I wish to vote you in as our leader not as a puppet to europes demands.

  2. Cameron as PM? Osbourne as CoE? Gove in? Hammond in? Grayling in? Warsi in?…

    Absolutely terrifying…

  3. Honest Nick

    Gosh! Josh you’re on the wrong blog try the link below, it’s more you’re style.

    You can read all about that nice Mr Mandelson there.

  4. Dmitri

    Hi I left a longer comment on the Stirrer for you. I do like some of what Cameron says, but I worry it would not translate in to anything in reality. After all, it’s easy to talk, especially for a politician!

  5. @josh: You want an example of terrifying? Try Bob Ainsworth as Defence Secretary at an actual time of war. And there was me thinking Labour would never be able to top Geoff ‘Buff’ Hoon by finding someone so second grade to put in the host – they went and proved me wrong…..

  6. Honest Nick

    Good point Guythemac! Don’t forget Jaqui Smith as Home Secretary too and John Prescott in charge of anything. Transport really took off under his stewardship, not!

  7. Tim

    Even less substance than before though has lost some of the style

  8. The problem I have is that, as incompetent as Labour can be, the Conservatives always give me the impression that they simply want to have power, knowing they will collect middle class votes because of the desire to change and have little or no interest/passion in improving Britain. The Rees-Mogg PPCs/ban on PPCs using twitter/selection of shadow cabinet MPs doesn’t help this. Cameron can try to sell it as much as he wants but I feel like an uncomfortable buyer looking round an unattractive house, with Cameron being the pushy, bonus led agent.

    Maybe if fox hunting/marriage tax relief/setup your own schools/recall your MP and all the other novelty pledges were forgotten about and they kept to their core fundamentals of self-motivation and reward then I would vote Tory. However, as they are at the moment, no thanks.

    Failing to ask Keane if they could play their music at their manifesto launch (and their hypocritical support of the DEB) just compounds my poor view of them. Did they really think they could just play any music?!

    I look at my local Tory PPC, a woman of 31 with no kids and who has never had a job, the Rees-Mogg’s, the duck house, the manure and think…why on earth are these people favourites to oust the current MPs?!

    Would my vote help lead the way to “change”? Of course not.

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