Backstage at the Leaders Debate (Part 2)

As you will have read HERE I went to the Leaders debate in Bristol on Thursday and got sucked into the crazy world of the national media.  The Guy News crew have put together a video of the evening which neatly captures what I was writing about (it skips over to Bristol after about a minute)…



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2 responses to “Backstage at the Leaders Debate (Part 2)

  1. Why are so many politicians and Media men treating the electorate as if we were all 10 year old’s. Give us a little credit we can see through your spin and we are quite capable of thinking things through in an adult manner.
    Be careful who you place on a pedestal as you did in 1997 with Tony Blair. A great actor with little substance who managed to survive on a lie for too long. Now you are trying to put Nick Clegg on the same pedestal. He too is a good actor! We do not need someone who looks or sounds good on TV. What we need is a good all round guy who can get us out of this financial mess which GB has got us into.
    He needs to be a man who will listed to the people and act on their wishes rather than dance to the tune of their hacks and the media.
    We are Bankrupt as a country and therefore you should be addressing the problem of getting us on to a sound financial footing, rather than bribing us with fanciful promises.

  2. Clegg is the real deal. I’ve met him.

    I’m inclined to believe in Cameron too. The Tories have a better understanding of macroeconomics and so we’d be better off having Clegg-Osborne than Cameron-Cable ironically.

    Not that it’ll work like that but how will it work? Guy, get the scoop!

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