What Gillian Duffy Exposed About Brown

I have friends who are still staunch Labour supporters.  Even when they agree with Tory policy it comes down to them just not trusting Cameron.  Sure, he seems a nice guy on the telly but they’re convinced that behind closed doors he reverts to some landed-gentry Harry-Enfield-Tory-stereotype who thinks himself way above ‘all the dreadful little hoi polloi people’.  They don’t believe he’s the same man behind the camera that he is in front of it.  The persistence of  that view has always bothered me.  On the occasions I’ve observed him in the flesh it seems to me miles from the mark.

Today, thanks to the wonders of the radio mic, we found there is indeed truth in the caricature of the politician who smiles while shaking hands then bitches about the “dreadful people” once out of sight.  Only, it turns out that the real two-face party leader is actually the Prime Minister.   It isn’t only the way Brown described this core Labour voter – a ‘bigot’  – but also by his thundering “Who put her in front of me?” – with that one line we get an insight into his self-justification in feeling angry with other people that he had to even speak to a genuine ‘common’ voter.

Cameron has never put himself above mixing with ‘real’ voters.  Quite the opposite.  Cameron does very real walkabouts with very real ‘un-vetted’ people.  Having been involved with one of his Cameron Direct events I can vouch that, save their living in the relevant constituency, there is no effort to control who turns up or what questions they ask.  Already in this campaign he has been confronted with people giving him a piece of their mind (or an egg).  He’s dealt with them genuinely and humanly.   See here and here for two very recent examples of his bare-knuckle campaigning.  That’s what great politicians do.  He’s never run from these confrontations – if anything he seeks them out!  My one great hope from today is that those who had faith in Gordon as a ‘man of the people’ now realise their judgement was faulty and so  themselves begin to question if their remaining prejudice about Cameron may also need revising.



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9 responses to “What Gillian Duffy Exposed About Brown

  1. Tim

    Your most delusional flight of fancy yet, extrapolating an entire ideology from an unguarded comment that I have no trouble imagining coming from the mouths of Clegg or Cameron. Both of them would do well to avoid the piety that you feel is the correct response to this incident.

    • Jay

      What you haven’t grasped, Tim old chumeroo, is that we do all know this happens behind closed doors. It’s media savvy among them that keep it there. Blair was actually pretty good at it. Brown?

  2. “….I have no trouble imagining coming from the mouths of Clegg or Cameron”

    I know you and thousands and others do! But that’s exactly the point Tim – people have always imagined particularly Cameron would do exactly this – to the point they would not vote for him – and indeed Labour ran a whole poster campaign to reinforce that point (the “Camera-on Camera-off series). Finally we are blessed with them having a mirror to their own man.

  3. Scratchy7929

    You’re talking b@@locks Guy.The woman did come over as slightly bigoted.Cameron has been asked questions from ‘the general public’ but has had no answer, due to the fact he has no previous experience about what they are talking about.If you have listened to some of Cameron’s comment’s lately he has gone off script slightly, exposing a more right wing viewpoint not previously exposed before.

    • Scratchy – click on either of the links above of examples of him being accosted by real voters. Neither of these folk will vote for him – like you they’re too prejudiced about what they think of him and his background to listen properly to what he has to say. I’m curious about what comments he may have made that suggest to you he is somehow lurching to the right? Any examples?

  4. Praguetory

    Looks like someone hit a nerve.

    Toryrascal has been quick off the mark.


  5. Clive Sinclair

    Some people are missing the REAL point of all this. Before Brown called the woman a bigot, he made (imo) a much worse ‘gaff’….

    “That was a disaster. Should never have put me with that woman … whose idea was that?”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Brown work for that poor lady and everyone else in the country? She has a right to speak to him. This is still proof that politicians just don’t realise that they are public servants and paid by the tax payer (or bungs of course).

    We all know that Brown has lied in the past and been found out. We are then subject to a pathetic apology and have his loyal supporters claim “he’s human, we all tell lies sometimes….”.

    Yes, but we don’t all run the country (If you can call it that).

    • Tim

      The issue does expose the farce of these ‘meet the public’ events. For the most part the party handlers want coverage and good interraction and media-friendly voters encourage that (look at the assorted young and beautiful people who are marshalled into shot when Cameron talks, proving I suppose that not everyone needs to be airbrushed). ‘Meeting the people’ is not construed as a valuable and necessary element of campaigning but one of a number of components in a calculated strategy to get airtime. And I don’t think it achieves very much either. I’ve not had a single candidate knock on my door ever because, though I suspect I am real in a Cartesian sort of way, my vote is not deemed critical. Politicians shy away from being put in front of anyone that they cannot extract advantage from, be it a swing vote or being fed a line that can cause them to launch into some rehearsed mantra.

  6. Demon

    What the fiasco exposed was the real character of the man… and if no one has noticed these traits in him, then he is either very clever or his party are good at hiding it.

    Since Labour came to power, GB has been lying to the public and his own party with his excessive arrogance and need to have power. He has borrowed billions at the expense of the hard working people of UK plc to prop up his ideals of Social Engineering and when cornered, he is like a rat, just as Jeremy Vine cornered him on Radio 2 and would not let him lie and bluster his way out of answering a very simple question he lost his cool and again the real man was seen.

    His arrogance in Rochdale was even worse, he BLAMED someone else, a member of his staff and Gordon needs to look good and hard at himself in the mirror because he will not win the election, even staunch Labour voters I know hate his guts as a man and as a leader.

    Rest in peace Gordon, in two events yesterday alone you dug your own grave…

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