The Last Conservative Election Broadcast of this Campaign



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5 responses to “The Last Conservative Election Broadcast of this Campaign

  1. sandy

    I have always voted ‘Tory’ in the past,as I have believed that they were,’the Party..forward.’Alas,I am not being given the truth as to what the Party will do about ‘illegal immigration.’I have read ALL Party Manifestos,and my family and I will now be voting for the only Party,that will GET US OUT of Europe,and give us – yes,the Great British,US,freedom to take the reins of our own country,and rid ourselves from ‘SHARIA LAW’ once and for all!I am voting for The UKIP!

    • Sandy: Each to their own. Personally I want to be ‘in’ Europe – I just don’t want to be ‘run by’ Europe. UKIP always strike me as an eccentric fringe party.

      • sandy

        Many thanks for your point re the UKIP.If you read my posting carefully,you will see that I am NOT kicking The Conservative Party!I am making a point about the Great British People not being allowed the respect of knowing where they stand about Europe.Has David ever said,that he wants us to ‘rule ourselves’ without interference from Europe?At the moment,Brussels ARE calling the shots on our law!Think about gently smacking ones own children,for example to pull them back in line.Brussels want us to totally ban,smacking!!
        I want SHARIA LAW BANNED as well.David doesn’t mention that!Having said all that,I can to a point see where you are coming from,when you say we should be IN Europe,but,NOT governed by Europe.How can we NOT be eventually GOVERNED by Europe??The UKIP has stated in it’s manifesto that it will,firstly get us out of Europe – but will,obviously,trade with them.

  2. d noavk

    sorry david there is much more than nhs over managing &cuts we have to have through bad forsight or maybe non. do we let greed bring us to our knees. would our banks ect have sufferd the same fate had we had 45 million pounds a day given to play with i mention of industry or our farming fishing or any thing eles for every day lives.i see HONEST hard working people CAN WE SAY THE SAME FOR YOU i really have not made up my mind yet .I realy have serious concern over europe????? Iwould to come out sooner rather than later we can not afford to be in theres no benifit for england thats you care 45 million yeh whos benifit is that.

  3. On behalf of Honest Nick

    Message to d noavk: Go for it! Vote Conservative tomorrow! You know you want to! You know it’s the right thing to do!
    The way Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland are going at present, Europe will top it’self, Euro-wise by the end of the year and they’ll all be queuing to join ‘The Pound’.

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