The Prime Minister – David Cameron

I have just watched two hours of utterly compelling television.  It was history in our living rooms.  Gordon Brown resigned with both dignity and humility –  I sincerely wish him and his family well and happiness for their future.

David Cameron is now Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  On the steps of Number 10 Cameron echoed Brown’s dignity and humility in stating the task ahead of him.  The details of the deal with the Lib Dems are not yet in the public domain.  From the leaks to the press I am hugely encouraged that we may be cherry-picking their best ideas.  I have made no secret I love their £10k tax threshold idea and also that I do not think it time for the current Conservative inheritance tax plans.  If these are the compromises we must make – then I may actually prefer what we are getting to what was in our manifesto!  From my centre-right perspective there is the potential for us to do great things for this country now.  The spirit and tone of discussions in the last few days has risen way above the usual partisan politics – if the coalition is to be successful that spirit must remain.  If it does not – and I have no doubt the bulk of the money will be on it falling apart soon – then we will be back at the polls by September.

There was no mistaking the ‘One Nation’ subtext of Cameron’s words at the doorstep.  I have taken a huge leap of faith in following this man.  It is now time for him and the party to repay that trust.

Right now though, I have opened a bottle of something alcoholic.  I am celebrating.  I am thinking about all those people who put in all those hours to get a change of Government.  I raise a glass to them all this evening.  Tomorrow: there is work to do.



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4 responses to “The Prime Minister – David Cameron

  1. Kate Stansfield

    Any new start deserves a Toast . We can but hope.

  2. JAY

    I wish Cameron well.

    Being Prime Minister is an immense privelege.

    However, I think he has a very tough task ahead of him.

    I am glad that there have been compromises made on both the Conservative and Lib Dem side, but I would have liked to have seen compromise made on the Tory plans to bring in huge spending cuts within their first year in office.

    The British people have very short memories and the Lib Dems may suffer greatly in the long term for agreeing to this.

    Time will tell.

    • james farley

      I voted conservative to stop Liberals and because I wanted the manefesto of the conservatives not for us to aline with aload of two faced Blairs I THOUGHT we got rid of Blair and new Labour now the conservatives have one the election if you want to keep our votes lets go on our own or we will go back to Labour or UKIP I wanted to vote UKIP BUT TO MAKE CERTAIN our local seat was safe we voted conservative its the same old crooks say any thing till you get our votes then revert to the same old crooked politics i can not wish you good luck but watch your backs yours jim farley

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