An Apple Easter Resurrection

So last week, the toddler had been watching ‘CBeebies’ on the iPlayer on my wife’s iPhone.  She left it on our bed.  My wife then went into do the laundry and gathered the bedsheets quickly…. you can guess the rest.   One very shiny iPhone went right through an entire hot cycle in the washing machine.  Unsurprisingly, it was dead.  Pressing anything brought about nothing.

My wife in one of life’s optimists.  She scoured google and decided that the thing to do was – and I am not making this up – place the iPhone in a bag of rice, and place in an airing cupboard for three days.  Oh, how I laughed at her thinking that would work.  This was an incredible piece of technological precision with highly advanced and sensitive silicon circuit boards whose connections had been flooded with water.  Rice and time?  Come on.

Oh, how my jaw dropped when a couple of days later she plugged it back in and it sprung back to life with no apparent ill effect.  Amazing.

And so I leave you with this thought – when the iPhone first came out the techy geek types nicknamed it the ‘Jesus Phone’ – with my wife’s Easter iPhone resurrection I put it to you that it is a nickname it has now earned.  Kudos to Apple.


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  1. Petr

    clearly the kudos here goes to Rice!

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