About Guy-The-Mac

I’m a ‘simple northern bloke’ in my mid-thirties.  Married with two young children (one of each).

I started life with just my Mum and two elder sisters as family in Liverpool then spent my youth moving round various parts of the North.  Thanks to a determined, loving mother I got a very good State education. This education has opened doors.

After a brief interlude doing strange jobs on an Israeli Kibbutz, I went to a so called  ‘red-brick’  University where I got a BA in International Relations and a Masters (LL.M.) in International Law. You can tell from my subjects I was quite political back then – so much so I even spent a year as my University’s Student Union President.

I then began my career and kind of gave up on politics.  Sure I watched the news, kept up with events and occasionally shouted at the telly – but I had no active involvement.  The world turned and I wanted to make a living.

For the first few years I worked for one of the ‘Big 5’ Consulting firms – a great chance to poke around a variety of business all over the country.  I then moved to a FTSE100 company (household name, trust me, you’ve had one of its products this week) and for 7 or 8 years got a ring side seat to how a multinational really ticks.  My work took me to literally all 5 continents.  Somehow I ended up in Senior Management – mainly working on large scale programme  management, IT and business change.

A couple of things came to a head in 2009 which led to a change of direction.  I was working overseas 3 or 4 days a week . When you have a young family the time away from home sucks.  Whilst I was good at my job and it paid well, it didn’t scratch the itch of ‘doing-something-useful’.  I had a corker of a business idea I wanted to take forwards.    A combination of these things meant it was now or never: I jacked in the corporate role to ‘go-it-alone’.  I’m now in the  early stages of a business start-up – after a first year loss – I’m now in the red and it’s growing (phew).

Suddenly, not being a corporate slave has given me the luxury of more thinking time.  This thinking time has resurrected  my latent political passion.  I re-found my political mojo coinciding with my despair at the then Labour Government’s handling of the economic downturn, the War in Afghanistan and the collapse of faith in all our current politicians.  I wanted to get influence.  I wanted to be involved.

So why blog?  Why scream into the ether?  Who will listen?

Part of it is to help me order my thoughts.  The act of writing stuff down brings clarity about why I believe what I believe.  This means I’m more likely to be coherant in a pub row, one step ahead!  So if  no other soul reads any of my rants it will still be a useful exercise for me.

But I hope that others DO read this.  I hope that I can put my ideas out there and people will pick up on them, and pass them around, and eventually they’ll sink in with someone who matters.  Equally, I hope that people will engage with me and challenge my ideas if they disagree.  I’m not arrogant enough to believe I know-it-all.  A fair challenge will help me shape my ideas and improve them.  Feel free to have a pop at my musings.

The pseudonym ‘Guy-The-Mac’ is a very, very thin disguise of my real identity.  Given this pen-name and the info shared in my biog anyone who wants to know my real identity can find out very quickly. The reason I write under a nom-de-plume is to avoid drowning out the results page if anyone decides to Google me …. hey, I have a business to run!   I’d rather the business came up first.

I now live in the Midlands where my business is based.  I am Chair of Governors at a local National Challenge School.  I am a non-exec Director of a local NHS Trust.  My wife is an NHS Surgeon.  I follow a football team from my hometown everywhere.  I play piano and guitar with more enthusiasm than talent.  That’s me!  So who are you?


3 responses to “About Guy-The-Mac

  1. Really interested in what your business idea is, does it fit the million pound prize?

    I’m a midlands based consultant with a technology and organisational development background, would be interested to see if there’s any overlap…

  2. Hi Simon, no it’s nothing to do with the million pound prize! Without giving too much away now it is in the broad area of ‘online learning’ – I’ve a new spin in it, involving new technology. It’s going to take me a good six months to get a product to market though which is why I am a little coy about it at the moment…

  3. Demon

    Guy like you I have a varied background, worked as an IT Consultant for many years designing secure Networks and Servers and have been involved also on all continents over my life.. my passion however has always been photography and being in IT it allowed me to do both as I travelled the world.

    After the billions spent leading up to Yr 2000 compliance, (the biggest SCAM ever perpetuated in history), I knew that many companies would not replace hardware for a long while, resigned my position and took up my photography full time – huge pay cut, but what the heck, I am happy.

    I too have a political interest, I have had lunch with Mrs. T, raised funds for M. Portillo, was the Chairman of the Conservative Association in one of the poorest East London Boroughs and still staunchly support them…

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