One of the problems of getting carried away with blogging is that you put some effort in to some posts, time passes, and they drop down into your archives never to be found (well not unless you’re looking for them on google).  Listed below for newer readers trying to suss me out are the posts I’ve put a bit more effort into.

  • Internships: Why this US Trend Damages our Economy Click here
  • My Predictions for the Iraq Inquiry ConclusionsClick here
  • Reflections on the Troop Surge in AfghanistanClick here
  • Why think-tank ‘Reform’ is WRONG in its aim for a new schools benchmark of 5 ‘academic’ GCSE passesClick here
  • Why the ‘class’ debate needs to be framed as ‘Prejudice’ not ‘Envy’Click here
  • The Media’s Predictable Outrage at Britain in the SnowClick here
  • That Tory ‘Crowd-Source’ Million Quid Prize Idea Click here
  • Childcare Vouchers.  What Will The Conservatives Do?Click here
  • The Kraft/Cadbury Takeover – A Former Employee’s Reflection Click here
  • Why Cameron Should Avoid Twitter Click here
  • Blair at the Iraq InquiryClick here
  • Cameron Direct: Why it Works Click here
  • UK Police – Missing Open Goals Click here
  • The “Post-Bureucratic Age” Click here
  • Michael Gove at the New Schools Network ConferenceClick here
  • Why George Osborne is an Optimist Click here
  • The Bristol Leaders Debate:  My View From Backstage Click here
  • What Gillian Duffy Exposed About Gordon Brown Click here
  • My Experience in the BBC Question Time Audience Click here
  • Why the Hung Parliament Leaves All Parties Hungover Click here
  • Out of Proportion?  The Call for PR Click here
  • Does Birmingham Need Election Observers?Click here
  • Bloody Sunday:  The Lesson for Politicians Click here
  • Speed Cameras: A Muddled Debate Click here
  • NHS Direct: A Public Service Cut or Public Service Improvement? Click here

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