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You can also follow me on twitter- user – guythemac (and if you’re interesting I’ll recipricate!)

If you’re a media outlet and want a Conservative Blogger quote or talking head – and you cannot afford Iain Dale or Tim Montgomerie, I’m happy to be a poor third choice.


One response to “Contact Guy

  1. Margaret G Paul

    Because the area where I live is very left wing I have always been refused NHS healthcare, being told I can afford to pay. Well yes, I do have BUPA insurance but uder these new reforms, proposed by David Cameron, what will happen to people like me. Will I be able to get any healthcare?

    Some private hospitals seem to be already gearing up for the extra revenue. In fact, I have received a letter from one of their GPs, referring me back to the NHS although he is well aware of my situation

    The reason why I am worried is because of a small item in the Daily Mail, 20.2.2011 ‘Go private, don’t pay. It doesn’t seem to make any allowance for peopole like me.

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